We have three Cattery's - Luxury, Bungalo's and Standard.                  


Large Cat Pens and Home Style Comfort

Your Feline friends will receive an individual themed luxurious suite with indoor & outdoor access 24hrs a day, approximately 12.5sqm plus an individual grass courtyard approximately 6sqm.

8 Individual themed rooms.







  Lounge Room / T.V



Kitty's Bling Bling Crib



Hard Rock Kitty



Purr-Fect Palace




                                   Kitty Love Tails




Kitty Gone Fishin'




Purr-Fect Penthouse



Wildcats Jungle


           WildWest Kitty Slicker






A FREE Snuggle time with a staff member who will Cuddle, Groom & Play with your cat/s each day & also your cat/s will have a romp in the spacious lounge room. Their own plush themed bedroom, complete with scratching poles, plus multiple levels for the cats to climb, sit or just relax.
All suites are fully air-conditioned or heated, depending on the time of the year.


Standard Cattery

Your Feline friends will receive an individual Condo Suite approximately 2sqm in size. Their own plush bed & individual ScratchPosts, Toys & Shelving to laze about on. Four suites have individual outside areas. (Bookings essential, depending on availability)              

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All suites are fully air-conditioned or heated, depending on the time of the year.

Extra Info

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Food & Feeding

Cats are fed daily on quality diet of Advance premium dry food & gourmet tinned or fresh meat; once, twice or three times a day as fed at home. We cater for even the fussiest kitties. Should your pet be on special food please bring it in and it will be given as requested. There is always plenty of fresh water provided.


All cats boarding at Lake Adams Pet Resort must be fully vaccinated with a current F3 vaccination. Current vaccination certificate must be sighted upon entry and annually as updated. Should your cat require a vaccination or booster please do so 2 weeks prior to boarding.

We also ask that all cats be treated for fleas and ticks prior to arrival. Should you run short of time, we can flea treat your cat with Advantage (back of neck product) upon arrival for free, ensuring your cat and our facilities remain pest free.

Special Needs Cats

Cats requiring special attention for any reason, old age, blind, deaf, arthritis etc are welcome. Procedures are in place to cater for such animals so their stay is as enjoyable as their fellow feline friends.


Cats requiring medication are more than welcome. Supplied medication will be administered as required at no additional cost

Veterinary Care

Should the need arise, we have access to several veterinarians in the area who offer prompt service in the case of an emergency. In any instance you or you emergency contact will be contacted immediately and your preferred veterinarian would be consulted first.



All Our staff at Lake Adams Pet Resort are animal lovers just like yourself.