Doggy Day Care



This is an extension of our regular boarding service.

Daycare is a great way for your dog to gain social skills and confidence with people and other dogs.

The dogs will be encouraged to play and socialise with a small group of similar sized dogs. Dogs get to develop good social skills by learning to interact with the group. There are lots of toys in the yard for them to play with. The staff makes sure the group plays harmoniously.

All play sessions are fully supervised by experienced staff. Many of the behavioural problems that exist with dogs are directly associated with a lack of social interaction and isolation. Dogs are pack animals and benefit greatly from interacting with other dogs and people.

Doggy Daycare offers great value for money. Get in early as there are limited numbers available for this fantastic
fun new service.


All dogs boarding or Doggy Daycaring at Lake Adams Pet Resort must be fully vaccinated with a current C3 vaccination. (C5 recommended) A Current vaccination certificate must be sighted upon entry and annually as updated. Should your dog require a vaccination or booster please do so 2 weeks prior to boarding.
 We also ask that all dogs be treated for fleas and ticks prior to arrival. Should you run short of time, we can flea treat your dog with Advantage (back of neck product) upon arrival for a small fee, ensuring your dog and our facilities remain pest free.

All Our staff at Lake Adams Pet Resort are animal lovers just like yourself.