Q: Will my dog be warm?
A: Yes, all our kennels are brick walls, insulated roof and have heating for your pet’s comfort. At night all pets are enclosed in their sleeping quarters and sleep on trampoline beds.

Q: My dog is spoilt, will it be lonely?
A: No. Your pet will get plenty of social interactions with other dogs and staff during the day.

Q: My dog is a fussy eater, what do you feed them?
A: Dogs are fed daily on quality food such as Tuckertime Rolls and Supercoat dry food . Should your pet be on special food please bring it in and it will be given as requested. If in the event that we find your dog to be super fussy we will do everything to make sure they eat. You can rest assured; no animal goes hungry at Lake Adams Pet Resort.

Q: What vaccinations will my dog require?
A: All boarding facilities legally require and should insist on a minimum of C3 but we do recommend a C5 Vaccine which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo Virus, Bordetella and Canine Parainfluenza (Canine Cough). We require sighting the certificate upon arrival and yearly as updated.

Q: What do you feed cats?
A: For cats we use premium wet and dry food. Customers are welcome to bring in their own prepared food for their animals.

Q: What vaccinations should my cat have?
A: We require a minimum of a F3 vaccine, but we do recommend a F5 vaccine. Your vet can assist you with the best vaccinations for your cat.

Q: I will be leaving for my holiday early in the morning, how can I get my pet to the Kennel?
A: Easy. Our popular pickup and delivery service will solve the problem. This service is available on all days at a time mutually acceptable. (Except Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day.) We are always on time.

Q: What happens if my pet gets sick during the stay?
A: We prefer to use your delegated vet, but if distance or hours of operation becomes an issue we have access to several vets should an emergency arise.

Q: Will my animal be secure?
A: Yes. You can rest assured that our facility has been designed with security as a priority.

Q: Will my animal fret in a boarding facility?
A: An animal that is going to fret when separated from their owners will do so wherever they stay. Recent publications including publications from the RSPCA explain that some animals when away from their owners may behave differently. Our staff are trained to detect animals that show signs of withdrawal and separation anxiety and will spend as much time as necessary to tend to the needs of these animals. Feedback from our customer is that they prefer leaving their pet with our caring staff, safe and secure instead of alone at home with someone dropping in once a day for 10 minutes to check on them. Your pet needs stimulation not isolation.

Q: Can you give my dog medication?
A: Yes. Lots of animals admitted require medication whist boarding. Medication is given at no charge as directed by owner or vet.

Q: What should I bring for my pet?
A: The only thing your required to bring is your animals current vaccination certificate, any medication they may be on and any special food they may need while with us.
All standard food and bedding  and toys are provided but you may if you wish bring in some of your pet’s personnel effects.
Bedding ie: A towel or a T-shirt with your smell on it or a small blanket/ bedding. (We prefer small items over large rugs, so if they get soiled they can be washed and dried the same day and ready for you pet to sleep on that night). Please no beanbags, shredded foam or feather doonas.

 Treats :Just pets' treats kind are fine.

Toys – please only one toy per pet and it must be bigger than a golf ball as they tend to go down our drains and block them.
Pets can act differently whilst in kennels ie; destroy bedding or toys, so if possible try not to bring their most favourite items.Although we try our best to look after your pets toys, however Lake Adams Pet Resort don't take responsibilty if the toys get chewed or damaged or get lost (getting into drain....)


All Our staff at Lake Adams Pet Resort are animal lovers just like yourself.