Note: School holidays, long weekends, Christmas and Easter are peak periods.

Christmas bookings are filling up fast.
Book soon to avoid disappointment.

All payments can be made by cash or EFTPOS upon arrival. Deposits can be transferred to ANZ Bank BSB 016338 Account Number: 213084471 


All rates are per calendar day and include GST. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Bookings are essential for all peak periods.

A 50% deposit for bookings during peak periods is to be made within 7 days of booking. Failure to pay the deposit may lead to cancellation of the booking.

A refund is available if cancellation is whithin a month prior to the booking. If the duration of the original booking is shortened, the total days of your original booking will be charged.


There is an extra charge of $35.00 for out of hours services


Dogs: Chalets

Dogs: Standard





$45.00 per dog per calendar day ($70.00 for 2 dogs sharing)

$30.00 per dog per calendar day ($45.00 for 2 dogs sharing)

An extra fee is required for hydrobaths:
$10.00 for small
$15.00 for meduim
$20.00 for large

Dogs: Bungalow's

Ideally suited for small dogs

$30.00 per dog per calendar day ($45.00 for 2 dogs sharing)


Cats: Luxury

$35.00 per cat per calendar day ($45.00 for 2 cats sharing)


Cats: Standard

$15.00 per pet per calendar day ($25.00 for 2 cats sharing)


Guinea Pigs

$10.00  per calendar day    


$10.00  per calendar day


K9 Hikes

Single hikes
1 dog   ~ 15min hike - $10.00
1 dog   ~ 30min hike - $20.00
2 dogs  ~ 15min hike -$15.00

2 dogs  ~ 30 min hike -$30.00

Play Times

Free of charge twice a day

All Our staff at Lake Adams Pet Resort are animal lovers just like yourself.